Updating a dated kitchen cabnets

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Updating a dated kitchen cabnets

Next to go is the stove and the sink, followed by those old laminate countertops. It’s a pretty tall unit, and the homeowners are trying to get the look of the microwave vent unit even with the bottom of the wall cabinets. Allen Lyle: And here is another way they’re going to save some money. So, we’ll be able to refinish anything that we need to, and it’s easily done. Next, clearing the ceiling joist above the drywall, and distributing the light evenly so that it’ll do the most good. Steve Steele: Oil primer, then we’ll go back with two coats of oil finish. After more sanding, the finish paint can finally start going on. That doesn’t compare to the change that takes place when those new cabinet doors start going in. Now, I understand we’re doing a little bit of lighting. You can tell that the design of these things is a big part of what dates this kitchen, because it already looks more contemporary without the doors. What we’re going to do is we’re going to close this cabinet down to a nine-inch cabinet, and everything will flush right out. One, creating a symmetrical pattern on the ceiling. Steve still has lots more sanding to do before they can start applying the primer and patching the hinge holes. Joe Truini: It seems the older I get, the more keys I carry around. But first, let’s check in with Joe for this week’s Simple Solutions. The next step is the removal of the existing cabinet doors. As they lay out the new recessed can lights around the perimeter of the room, they have to consider three things.

And then, you know, it’s very easy to find that key among the others. Take a triangular shaped file, and file a small notch in the edge of the key that you use all the time. You don’t need much of a notch—something only about an eighth of an inch deep—but you can really feel that very easily with your finger.I can’t stand that thump, thump sound you hear a lot of times when you turn a faucet on or off in your home. And hopefully we inspired you to think about remodeling your kitchen. Houses that were built back in the ’60s, and it has a kitchen that’s ripe for remodeling. In addition to posting comments on articles and videos, you can also send your comments and questions to us on our contact page or at (800) 946-4420.What causes that is the pressure in the waterlines, which could be as high as 60-pounds-per-square-inch, is causing a little bit of movement because of the sudden flow, on or off. And of course, David and Lori took on a lot of work here. It must have worked at the time, because there are billions of them in U. Unfortunately, the adhesives back then gave up after a few decades. And as you can see, the cabinets are kind of looking worn and dingy. I mean, it’s just fantastic the way it’s constructed. You just pour it in here and then what you do is you evenly distribute it around the surface of the countertop, because that base coat is actually an adhesive and it sticks to the countertop. Jodi Marks: See, now you can do this project in about a weekend. Danny Lipford: David and Lori Harris’s kitchen is being transformed from the dated example of ’60s interior decor into a cool modern space the couple can love.The lighting was pretty basic and not very functional for a work space. So, we thought that the boxes themselves were pretty good. And being able to buy the doors, have them shop painted, and then us painting the boxes out here, it’s going to look like a new cabinet. David Harris: And Lori wanted concealed hinges, too. The templates for the new granite countertops have been made, so the stone can be cut.

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Danny Lipford: Well, now, thinking through it, I’m sure you thought about completely taking everything out. I know you thought of a couple different kinds of countertops. Lori Harris: We’re going to go with granite and we’re using sapphire brown. Lori Harris: Which is a great little product that’s got a lot of really nice variations to it. Steve, one of the questions we always get from homeowners when they’re wanting to do a little bit of this work themselves, what type of grit sandpaper do you use to cut that finish off? Danny Lipford: Yeah, it seems like it’s cutting it down pretty well, and of course, you know, these cabinets, they’re in really good shape. Then you have your base coat and you spray the wetting agent.