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Along with assessing your relationship, make sure your kids are ready to meet someone new.Whether you were married or in a committed partnership, estimates suggest it takes anywhere from one to three years for parents and children to recover from a break up.It can help to reassure children that liking someone new doesn’t take anything away from the special relationship they have with their Mom or Dad.New relationships that Mom or Dad have can offer opportunities for special “in addition to” relationships but no one can ever replace the love that is shared between children and their parents.Children bond easily, and may fantasize that the parent will marry the new partner.After all, this is the model of relationship that the child knew before the divorce.Children must begin the process of living in two houses, often have to change schools, and they also must learn the complex task of remembering what can and cannot be spoken about in either home.

If things don’t work out, your children have to come to terms with the loss of that relationship.

Children’s reactions to meeting someone new can vary from immediate adoration to digging their heels and proclaiming “I hate her” or “he’s so lame.” Be sure to send a clear message that this is someone who has become important to you and you understand that they will need time to get to know each other.

Additionally be aware that when kids meet someone new they may struggle with feeling of disloyalty to their other parent.

Also, children need one-on-one time with each parent following separation.

Since new romantic relationships require an investment of time, that need will compete with the needs of the children.

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It’s important to realize that everyone in the family will go through that adjustment process in a different way.

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