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That would make it perhaps the biggest empire in all of the indigenous Americas before the Spanish arrival.Recent archeological research suggests that the Incas actually had a fairly potent state-level society in the Cuzco area that took about 200 years to develop and that the empire as an expansionist polity probably started early in the 15th century, that is, sometime fairly soon after 1400.On the other hand, it can be very destructive in a society in which stability has been reached, because instead of leading to dynamic leadership it leads to factional competition among the leadership, and it breaks down the power of the political structure.When the Incas developed the empire, they simultaneously used existing structures and innovated.So this was not innovative, in that militarism was built into the culture. One of the things we have to keep in mind about the nature of succession to leadership among Andean peoples—and the Incas were definitely included in this—is that there wasn't the concept of primogeniture.

One series of sons or even brothers of the deceased ruler would compete with one another, politically and perhaps even militarily, to take over the position of leader of the society.

Some people think that the Incas had actually been developing that capability over between four to six generations.

Other people think that Pachacuti basically created things on his own. One of them is that there was so much local conflict that there were, at least in the highlands, no major societies that had the capacity to resist the Incas' advancement.

As a consequence of this, it was really a battle for the strongest, most able person to lead the society.

That's a very effective way to create leadership in a people who were trying to expand their power.

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So the empire itself was maybe a century or a little bit longer in duration.

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