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Amber noel nielson webcam

Mason Vincent contributes a sculpture that consists of two stones found near the artist’s house into which are embedded a sheet of stained glass, onto which his girlfriend’s name is written.

The wasteland of the exhibition’s title refers to the diminished scope of possibility within gender roles at the end of their tether, which transposed online are subtly transformed, perhaps not for the better, but in such a way that further exposes the cracks in their edifice.These two works are perhaps the strongest in the show, and while the other three are interesting in their own right, their relationship to the premise feels somewhat more flimsy.For the show’s sole historical work, Wagg has included a print of a work by James Boswell, a New Zealand-born artist who spent most of his life in Britain.Salmond’s performance took place in front of the Gus Fisher and saw two models in bikinis lounging on top of and beside a crashed, still-smoking police car.Rutter’s performance contained a good deal more subtlety despite its own form of dramatics, with the artist/dancer entering the gallery shirtless, bouncing a basketball and wearing a balaclava, trackpants and running shoes, before using a gun to shoot his i Phone and beginning the dance.

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is curated by the gallery’s curatorial assistant Tim Wagg and features five artists in the physical gallery space, presented alongside an online publication, two opening night performances and a series of public programmes.

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