Adult web chat unmoderated

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Adult web chat unmoderated

The same goes for kids who have unsupervised access to online chat rooms. Still, how can we effectively keep our kids from looking at inappropriate materials? I'll look at each of these five approaches in turn.There are five approaches: adult supervision, education, parental lists of approved sites, voluntary site ratings, and Internet filtering services. Then I'll take a brief look at issues surrounding chat software and email, suggest an additional technical step to limit the damage that children can inadvertently do to the computer, and talk about the supervision of older children. All children, but especially the very young, should be supervised while browsing the Internet.Ideally, your child's computer should not be in their own bedroom, especially for very young children.My six-year-old daughter's computer is next to mine, in my home office.In reality, seeing inappropriate material is not the greatest danger to kids online.The real threat comes from those who would take advantage of kids who naively reveal personal information about themselves.But most people realize that censoring the entire Internet for adults is not the answer.

It's possible to configure Microsoft Internet Explorer so that only the sites you have approved can be visited.Rebellious preteens are especially at risk, because they may not take parental warnings seriously.Compared to the dangers that a child invites by sharing personal information online, such as their phone number or address, looking at inappropriate pictures is a relatively minor concern.If she somehow wanders away from Sesame Street or Starfall and into something inappropriate, I'll know about it.That's a small price to pay for a few distracting repetitive theme songs!

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Under no circumstances should your children ever give out their full name, phone number, or address on the Internet.

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